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Sermon Debrief: "Three Strands"

We kicked off a new sermon series looking at the benefits and responsibilities that comes with meaningful church membership. Over the next 6 weeks we have the opportunity to be both encouraged and challenged in how we engage and participate in the life of Oak Hills Church. Here are some questions (and one recommended practice) for keeping yesterday's sermon fresh this week:

  1. What are 1-2 things from the sermon that you found encouraging or challenging? Elaborate on that...why was it encouraging/challenging?

  2. Re-read Ecclesiastes 4:7-12...What are some of your own observations about these verses and their message? What do you notice? What do you find encouraging or convicting? How do you see these verse "translating" to what you experience in your everyday life?

  3. What led you to decide to commit to church membership, or to hold off at this time?

  4. How have past experiences with church membership affected you own commitment church membership?

  5. How has church membership impacted both your relationship with God and how you turn your faith into action?

  6. Reflect on the OHC Membership Covenant...which of the four commitments do you feel you are doing best in? Which commitment would you like to grow in?

  7. Practice: set 1-2 personal goals for yourself that will help you grow in the commitment you identified in the previous question. What specific habits or actions will help you accomplish those goals? Consider sharing your goals with another person (spouse, accountability partner, small group, etc).

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