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Oak Hills Youth Ministries are for students in grades 6-12.  We seek to provide a space for middle and high school students to explore their faith and discover the unique way that God has created, called, and equipped each one for a life dedicated to him. Like all of our ministries, we pray that students will grow into young adults who confidently say, "I belong, I understand, I have hope, and I am called and equipped to serve."

Oak Hills Church Youth Tweens and Teens Logo

TNT is our tweens and teens ministry for students in 5th-8th grade.  They meet every Sunday (Sept-May) from 4:30-6pm for games, Bible Study, fellowship, and prayer.

The High School Group is designed to be more like a small group, than a youth group. Students are given more freedom and encouraged to choose what they will explore together and how they do it. Adult leaders help guide and mentor students, to ensure that they continue to grow in their love of Scripture, prayer, community, stewardship.

Oak Hills Youth High School Logo
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