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Small Groups

Small Groups are the absolute best way to grow in your faith and be a part of the Oak Hills Church community.  While there is a wide variety of approaches to Small Groups at Oak Hills Church, they all seek to help members grow in Biblical rootedness, prayer, fellowship, and stewardship.  We are currently re-imagining what small group look like beginning this fall, so check back often for updating information about how YOU can join in!

Sunday School isn't just for kids.  As part of our commitment to help all people grow in their faith, we also offer Adult Sunday School.  Adult Sunday School meet in the Fireside Room about 15 minutes after worship ends.  Frequent topics include discussing the sermon, our Welcome to OHC class, or a look at another relevant and important subject to help you connect your faith to everyday life.

Be sure to check the bulletin for an up-to-date schedule.

Sunday School
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