Our ministry teams

Oak Hills Church is always looking for opportunities to serve our Lord Jesus.  Below are our ministry teams that help to put this into action.  Please reach out to us if you have a desire to be a part of it!

  • Children & YOUTH

    This team oversees Children's Worship, Kids Club, Preschool, Sunday School, Nursery, Safety in Ministry, Son Seekers Summer Camp and Youth Groups.

    Contact: Renee Gillenwater, nrgillenwater@gmail.com

  • small groups

    There are multiple groups in place and vary from study groups to support groups.  If you would like to be a part of a small group please reach out and we would love to connect you!

    Contact: Nathan Law, nathanglaw@gmail.com

  • prayer

    This important ministry is ever-seeking how we can pray for the church, community and individuals in need. 

    Contact: Don Johnson, Don.Johnson824@gmail.com

  • WORship

    This team takes on the large task to guide our weekly praise & worship.  

    Contact: Marilyn Duistermars, rmduistermars@gmail.com


    We love to connect with both our community and people around the world.  This team supports our missionaries and is ever-seeking opportunities to reach out to others.

    Contact: Floyd Helm, fhelm.gelumber@gmail.com

  • hospitality

    This ministry team helps to run events in and around our church.  Ranging from potlucks and picnics to the occasional golf event!  

    Contact: Martha Bosch, martha.bosch@gmail.com

  • adult education

    We have rotating Adult Sunday School classes to fellowship and study.  Please reach out if you have any inquiries about what is coming up!

    Contact: Beth Andre, dbandrefam@yahoo.com

  • facilities

    Our building and grounds play in important role in supporting our church and community.  It is used for much more than Sunday Worship ... events, concerts, scouts, neighborhood meetings just to name a few.  

    Contact: Greta Pierce, GPierce@sharis.com

  • communications

    This team oversees the website, social media, weekly printed bulletin, library and any other outlets we use to communicate as a church. 

    Contact: Morgan Law, morganjlaw@gmail.com

  • technology

    Technology encompasses everything from our staff equipment to the slideshow and audio during our Sunday service. 

    Contact: Joey Kragt, joeykragt@gmail.com

  • finance

    This team works tirelessly to track finances and create our annual budget. 

    Contact: Vic Herinckx, vic.herinckx@gmail.com

  • personnel

    Supporting the staff of our church--this team does our hiring and staff evaluations.   

    Contact: Dale Andre, dbandre.family@gmail.com